Economic Activities

The River Oti, from which the Region derives its name provides fertile land for agriculture which constitutes about 80% of the economic activities of the people in the Region. The fertile lands in the Region also support the cultivation of various agricultural produce – roots & tubers, cereals, legumes, and tree crops, including cocoa, coffee, and cashew.

The Volta Lake and the Oti River do not only support the thriving fish production but also provide beautiful scenery for tourist sites, resorts, water transport, and sports. Other economic activities include; commerce and transport. In terms of industrial development, the region is less endowed with manufacturing industries.

Agribusinesses & Farms


HONEST FARMS is also located in Kadjebi District of the region. They deal in Rabbits | Grasscutter | Ginger | Pigs | Cocoa


Shwere) Farm’s is located in the Oti Region of Ghana, Tokroanu to be precise. We deal in | Cucumber | Lettuce | Onion | Potato | Sweet pepper


We are located in Oti Region bringing organic and fresh vegetables to the market with guaranteed foodstuffs such as Chili pepper | Cocoa | Ginger | Onion | Tomato


MCEVANS VEGETABLES FARM is a farm located in Kadjebi District of the region. They provide vegetables at all seasons and cocoa for selling for farmers. also deal in  African Locust Bean (Dawadawa)

Crop Production


The Region is home to some major food/staple crops such:  Yam, Cassava, Plantain, Cowpea, Rice, Maize, etc.


Tree crops grown in the Region include Cashew, Oil Palm, Cocoa, Coffee, Mango, Citrus, and Coconut.