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Agricultural Crop Production

The River Oti, from which the Region derives its name provides fertile land for agriculture which constitutes about 80% of the economic activities of the people in the Region.  The fertile lands in the Region also support cultivation of various agricultural produce  roots & tubers, cereals, legumes and tree crops, including cocoa, coffee and cashew.

The Volta Lake and the Oti River do not only support the thriving fish production but also provide beautiful scenery for tourist sites, resorts, water transport and sports. Other economic activities include; commerce and transport.

  • The Region is home to some major food/staple crops such Yam, Cassava, Plantain, Cowpea, Rice, Maize, etc.

  • Tree crops grown in the Region include Cashew, Oil Palm, Cocoa, Coffee, Mango,
    Citrus and Coconut


Crop Production Matrix (In Metric Tons)

Agriculture Produce Production (MT) 2018 Production (MT) 2019 Production (MT) 2020
Maize 54,550 58,677 58,350
Rice 118,450 138,916 138,450
Sorghum 5,855 9,440 9,450
Soybean 4,550 5,010 5,280
Groundnut 4,885 5,464 5,480
Cowpea 2,880 3,911 3,860
Yam 520,600 543,275 546,650
Cassava 880,915 1,037,337 1,085,250
Cocoyam 50,128 52,462 52,600
Plantain 45,960 68,839 68,720