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Beautiful places in the Oti Region

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

Kyabobo National Park

Kyabobo National Park (pronounced CHAY-a-bobo) is a 360-square-kilometre (140 sq mi) national park in Ghana.

Kyabobo is located in the Oti Region on the border with Togo. The nearest town is Nkwanta

Lake Volta

Lake Volta the largest artificial reservoir in the world based on surface area, is contained behind the Akosombo Dam which generates a substantial amount of Ghana’s electricity.

Hanging Village

Shiare is a village mountain settlement in the breast mountains in the Oti region of Ghana. The Oti Region is in the northern part of the Volta Region. Shiare is a part of Nkwanta South Municipal District.

Kete Krachi festival Nanaba

Nanaba Festival

Kete Dance Originated from Kete-Krachi

According to history, the Kete dance, although a dance from the Asantes was actually copied from the people of Kete-Krachi. It used to be a dance for the Kete-Krachi hunters and when the Asantes conquered them during a war, they took over the dance, this is evident of the symbolic cloth used to cover the Kete drums known as “sum ne mogya” meaning, “Darkness and Blood”.

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Akwantutenten Festival

Akwantutenten Festival

The chiefs and people of Warowaro who are Akans celebrate their new revived festival called Akwantutenten. This festival is to commemorate the exodus of the people of Warowaro from Ashanti-land to their present abode.

It is celebrated like most Akan festival culminating in a colourful durbar of chiefs on a Saturday. Chiefs sit in state to receive homage from their subjects. Thousands of citizens and other Akans throng the town of Worawora to give of their best.

The festival, a major crowed puller, involves a pilgrimage to their first settlement up the hills overlooking the hills at which foot the present settlement is located.

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Likpe Paragliding Festival

Likpe Paragliding

The Likpe Paragliding Festival is an annual Paragliding Event that is organized to showcase the diverse tourism offerings of the Guan district, Ghana

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